Bright Star Pre-Easter Revival is one of the most anticipated times of the year for members and friends of bright star. The Lord uses Evangelist Gordon to pour into and speak new life, healing and restoration. 

The Annual "CareGivers" Conference is one way Bright Star Church Leaders give back to our community & members struggling to care for loved ones. 

Annual Church Rally ". Bright Star host an annual Rally/Fundraiser in honor of the late Supt Heard's birthday.  Supt Heard LOVED to celebrate birthdays Chirstmas, Father's day: any day that he'd receive gifts (LOL!) He Loved being with family and just plan loved to have fun. 

The MEJ Women's Empowermen Summit"  is being hosted at Bright Star COGIC.  This year's theme is "Bridging the Gap and Connecting the pieces to 'Through" Evangelism, "To" Children's Ministry, "Using" Social Media "Between" Generations. Registration is Free, visit


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Tues - Fri


16 - 19

7:30 nightly


Pre-Easter Revival

Guest Speaker: Evangelist Donna Gordon


April 23

7:30 pm 

Men's & Women's Fellowship Meeting


April 27


MEJ Women's Empowerment Summit


April 28

3:30 pm 

Annual Church Rally in Honor of Supt. Odell Heard's Birthday


May 4


2nd Annual CareGiver's Conference